Friday, 11 July 2014

Tomorrowland, 10th edition, 2014

Tomorrowland is about all kinds of pleasure. The recipe? Mix an outrageous decor with a generous helping of music, and season with the world's greatest audience. And to keep all your senses stimulated to the max, Tomorrowland will be offering a wide range of tasty and healthy food, both at the festival and at DreamVille, with special attention paid to Belgian culinary classics, and plenty of innovation. Visitors to Tomorrowland will be able to choose from 60 stands offering delicious discoveries including Belgian specialties, and more. 

Pizza baked in wood-fired ovens
This year, Tomorrowland literally brings Italy to the festival. Peppe Giacomazza of La Botte in Genk invited several of his Sicilian colleagues to come make scrumptious pastas and freshly baked pizzas. The dozens of wood-fired ovens were built specially for Tomorrowland and will give the pizzas that authentic flavour.
Also don't miss Peppe’s Homemade Pasta! Per weekend, some 600 kg of fresh pasta sauce will be cooked up in our kitchen according to Peppe's personal recipe. Pasta with an incomparable, authentic flavour guaranteed.

This is Belgian!
Two supremely Belgian classics we couldn't be without: cheese and shrimp croquettes, served by De Vuurtoren, the most popular stand from Antwerp's Saturday market. Also be sure to try: chicken with applesauce and French fries. 

Each day, there will also be fresh strawberries delivered from Belgium's strawberry capital, Hoogstraten. Especially for Tomorrowland, they're growing some extra sweet and juicy strawberries that will be available during the festival in three different ways, topped with home-made whipped cream and chocolate. 

And when you say Belgian specialties, waffles instantly come to mind. At Tomorrowland, these famous delicacies will be available in both Brussels and Liege style. 

French fries from Ranst courtesy of Swa & Marieke
Local French-fry legends Swa and Marieke will be frying their last batches at Tomorrowland. The finest potatoes have been selected for the occasion and for their home-made Beef Carbonade alone, these two Ranst residents deserve to be awarded a star! Their chip shop was taken over in 2012 but especially for the visitors of the 10th Tomorrowland, they'll be back preparing their crispy golden treats. And not only the ones made by Swa and Marieke, but all the French fries served at the festival will be prepared in the authentic way. The 10 millimetre-thick fries are cooked in top-quality oil, seasoned with a pinch of coarse sea salt.

Belgian Steak House  
Belgian Steak House is a classy grill restaurant at Tomorrowland that will be serving only top-quality Belgian Blue beef, selected by butchers De Laet. Served with fresh French fries, three tasty sauces, and a glass of wine or a Grimbergen beer, a Belgian steak doesn't get any better than this.  

Belgian Beer Corner
Belgian is known for its vast array of high quality local beers. In the Belgian Beer Corner you can try some of the different home-grown Belgian specialty beers, served exactly as they should be: at the correct temperature and in the right glass. Duvel, which is brewed just a stone's throw from De Schorre, absolutely had to be included of course, and will be available in the limited edition Mini-bottles at the festival. Aside from Duvel, there will also be the wheat beer Hoegaarden and various Trappist and abbey beers. It's the ultimate beer-experience for foreign visitors, and a chance for Belgians to enjoy their own rich beer heritage during the festival too.  

Belgian Chocolate Experience: helping to create the cocoa of tomorrow 
Specially for Tomorrowland, Callebaut chef Patrick Aubrion and Callebaut-ambassador Annemie Van Trimpont created Planet Plantation, a delectable, refreshing summer desert. It wasn't hard to come up with the name because the dessert looks just like a miniature plantation: a young seedling in chocolate ‘soil’. A fresh cremeux of passionfruit and bergamot is combined with a mousse of Callebaut chocolate and crispy crumble of chocolate and cocoa. A young seedling of East Indian cress is then planted in the desert and drizzled with a zingy juice of cucumber and apple. 

What's more, festival visitors will have the opportunity to plant their own cocoa tree at the Brazilian plantation. At Ouro Verde in Bahia, fantastic cocoa is grown by a cooperative of several hundred farmers. The plantations are located in an area of extensive forests, including protected ‘virgin forest’ that's home to the richest fauna and flora in the world. The plantation workers at Ouro Verde support the biodiversity in the region and plant new forests. This has allowed them to reclaim large areas of the former Atlantic forest. Through this project, Callebaut wants to thank the cocoa farmers for their efforts and visitors to Tomorrowland can help create the cocoa of tomorrow.

Veggie or gluten-free?
The Antwerp  restaurant Lombardia has always been a trendsetter when it comes to vegetarian food. Alain Indria is the ambassador of healthy food and has been operating his own restaurant at Tomorrowland for years. Gluten-free, vegetarian, healthy dishes and superfood: health freaks will be in seventh heaven. Festival visitors with food allergies or special dietary requirements can inform Lombardia of their needs in advance. Via you can indicate the date(s) on which you would like your Lombardia lunch or dinner, and the restaurant will have your meal ready and waiting, with your name on it. 

Smoothies, Salads, Croques and Frozen Yoghurt
Besides Belgian strawberries, there will be lots more delicious fruit. What could be better on a hot summer day than fresh, juicy fruit and exotic smoothies for a vitamin boost? Prefer veggies? Then you can always opt for a freshly made salad of crispy greens.

A refreshing alternative for traditional ice cream is Frozen Yoghurt by Moochie. Choose your own flavour and toppings for a unique, delicious ‘ice cream’ experience. But of course you can also find real, freshly scooped ice cream at the festival too. With their whimsical ice cream carts, our ice-cream girls will be bringing delicious refreshment directly to visitors. 

This year, there will also be tasty Croques (grilled-cheese sandwiches). These croques will be made according to an original recipe, for a satisfying snack-to-go at the festival.

From around the world 
All of the world's countries are represented at the festival and that's why, in addition to Belgian cuisine, there will be plenty of exotic fare available at Tomorrowland and DreamVille. You certainly won't run out of new tastes to try during the 3 festival days. 

For example, Asian chefs will be serving exquisite Thai  curries with fried rice and other Oriental delicacies such as fresh sushi and noodles. You can also sample Korean cuisine. With a fork for beginners, or with chopsticks for the more advanced. 

Chatt Hills Smoke House
For a TomorrowWorld food experience, you can savour some expertly grilled meat at the Chatt Hills Smoke House. Taste the flavours of the authentic American grill and Oklahoma Barbecue and you'll feel yourself transported to the hills of Atlanta. The American chef will be flying in for the occasion from the spectacular Chattahoochee Hills to bring some real down-home Southern Style to De Schorre. Yummy! 

Refined Middle Eastern cuisine 
Finjan is a hugely popular restaurant specialised in refined Middle Eastern cuisine. A leading address in Antwerp for years, Finjan was one of the first pita houses to receive a mention in the Gault&Millau guide. They will be serving their best kebabs and falafel dishes at the festival. 

At the DreamVille Market Place, any nationality will feel right at home. On the International Street, you'll find German, Mexican, Spanish, Asian and Greek specialties. Plus, the finest American burgers and Belgian French fries will be served from colourful stands.

40,000 oven-fresh baguettes at DreamVille
At the DreamVille Market Place, each morning, campers will be able to pick up a delicious breakfast: the bread and baguettes will be freshly baked on-site. You can buy your cold meats at the DreamVille butcher and Lidl will be supplementing the range of tasty, healthy food at the DreamVille campsite at Tomorrowland with no fewer than 3 pop-up shops: a supermarket, a butcher's shop, and a bakery. The presence of Lidl at a festival is a first in Belgium. Foodies on hand for the festival will be able to buy a wide range of fresh products such as vegetables, fruit, bread, meat and an extensive BBQ selection. There will be nearly 20,000 pieces of fresh fruit and vegetables, and 5,000 BBQ-items available, while the bakers will be preparing 40,000 oven-fresh loaves of bread and croissants. The icing on the cake has got to be the hip Grillzone-lounge, where DreamVille-visitors can have their meat grilled and served on the spot.

Premium Burgers & Meat  
Bart De Pooter, the star-awarded chef of De Pastorale, has reinvented the hamburger especially for Tomorrowland. The flavourful, fresh, 100% beef burger will put all other festival burgers to shame: slightly aged, top-quality meat, a crispy bun and a few secret ingredients will make this the ultimate festival hamburger for 2014.  Chef Bart will be offering this hamburger and other meat delicacies such as wraps and brochettes at 8 different locations at Tomorrowland.

Burgers by De Burgerij & Gijbels
De Burgerij and Gijbels will be serving their signature hamburgers at Tomorrowland. The freshly grilled burgers with crispy buns are made with love and attention to detail. The chicken burger is made from 100% chicken breast fillet and the fish burger, from batter-fried whitefish with a layer of fresh tartar sauce. This is the festival burger you've been waiting for, with its satisfying flavour and outstanding quality.

Young culinary talent
At Tomorrowland, you can count the stars. Literally. Talented chefs, such as Bart De Pooter, Wim Ballieu, Peppe Giacomazza, Sergio Herman, Roger Van Damme and Wout Bru will dazzle festival visitors with their culinary finesse. 

Last year, the inspectors from Gault&Millau, publishers of the renowned culinary guides, drew up an extensive, critical assessment of all of the dishes served at Tomorrowland. Once again, the inspectors will be anonymously visiting all the food stands. Last year, the catering received the highly respectable average score of 7.3 out of 10. 

During the anniversary edition of  Tomorrowland, Gault&Millau will be offering a number of promising young chefs the chance to show off their skills to the international audience by presenting a 'remix' of a Belgian classic. 

From the almost 100 submissions, 4 winners were picked. Festival visitors will have four original dishes to choose from: a variation on mussels with French fries including an edible shell (Sang-Hoon Degeimbre of l’Air du Temps in Liernu), deluxe curried sausage with free range chicken, suckling pig and sauces in the Belgian national colours (Alex Verhoeven of Fleur de Sel in Kasterlee), rabbit stew with prunes, Tomorrowland-version, with miso and eggplant (Broes Tavernier of ’t Vijfde Seizoen in Aalter) and rice pudding with coconut, Tonka bean and blood orange granite (Pieter De Volder of Luzine in Wilsele).

You can sample the winning dishes at the Tomorrowland Comfort restaurant, which seats just 32 people per shift (3 shifts per day). 

Balls 'n Glory
Chef Wim Ballieu doesn't serve just ordinary meatballs. With his Balls ’n Glory, he creates extraordinary meatball cuisine, with original flavour combinations beyond your wildest dreams.

Maison Bru
Wout Bru will also be working his culinary magic at Tomorrowland once again. In recent years, he has fed more than 1500 festival visitors over the course of the three days. This year, the star-awarded chef will be preparing three new showpiece dishes in a unique setting with a stunning view of the Main Stage. No wonder the vouchers for his Maison Bru sold out in no time. 

Sergio Herman invites … for Charity
Three-star chef Sergio Herman will also be on hand this year to set up his restaurant at a secret location. But not just anyone will get to experience Sergio’s gastronomic genius. Twelve food lovers will be served a five course menu paired with wines, in a unique setting at Tomorrowland. The entire proceeds from these tables (12 tables spread over the 2 weekends), will be donated to charity. And the diners get to choose which charity initiative to support. 

Music meats food. In B-EAT, all the senses come alive at once. A star-awarded chef and a Tomorrowland artist will be joining forces to serve delicious dishes, paired, of course with musical accompaniment. Each day, there will be three 1-hour sessions for maximum 90 visitors. 

On the menu:
Roger Van Damme (18/7, 25/7 en 27/7)
Dominique Persoone (19/7 en 26/7)
Wout Bru (19/7 en 26/7)
Wim Ballieu (20/7)
Bart and Silvio (20/7)
Peppe (25/7)
Bart and Youssef (27/7)

Food safety 
The organisers apply strict internal standards for all suppliers and partners. Extensive collaboration with SGS has been established over the years, a handbook for partners was created, and the organisers personally invite the federal food safety agency FAVV to conduct thorough quality and temperature checks at the festival and campsite. 

More about Tomorrowland: 
Tomorrowland is the largest electronic music festival in Belgium. It is still organised by the Belgian brothers who founded it in 2005. In the meantime, it has been held for the past 10 years at the spectacular provincial domain De Schorre in Boom. Boom is located 16 kilometres outside of Antwerp and 20 kilometres from the Belgian capital Brussels. Tomorrowland has grown into one of the most talked about music festivals in the world. It has a following of over 6 million fans on Facebook and 3 million YouTube subscribers for the official Tomorrowland channel. Tomorrowland has over 1 million followers on Twitter.  In 2013, the first edition outside of Belgium was successfully launched, and this will be followed by a second TomorrowWorld on the last weekend of September. TomorrowWorld, Chattahoochee Hills (Atlanta, USA), is a joint partnership between the Belgian founders of Tomorrowland and Sfx Entertainment. 

The 10th anniversary of Tomorrowland is being celebrated with a one-off double edition on 18-19-20 July and 25-26-27 July. The festival line-up will feature more than 400 artists each weekend. Artists representing the full spectrum of electronic music: house, trance, techno… with major names, local talent and world-class DJs such as Hardwell, Tiesto, Carl Cox, Armin Van Buuren, Eric Prydz, Diplo, Netsky, Sven Vath, Dave Clarke, Erol Alkan. 


Tomorrowland, 10th edition, 2014
De Schorre, Boom
July 18 – 19 – 20
July 25 – 26 – 27

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