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Triphonic Sessions Future Sounds of Egypt Celebration
Rich TriPhonic's Triphonic Sessions Weekly Show, Has been gathering momentum now for over 2 years now. Hosted on 1Mix Radio. Triphonic Sessions has grown into one of the most popular weekly radio shows within the underground Trance scene..

With support from some of the biggest names in electronic dance music from the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Cosmic Gate (official), Aly & Fila, Judge Jules, Sean Tyas, Ian Standerwick, Adam Ellis Music, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Ahmed Romel, Sebastian Brandt, Claudia Cazacu, Gareth Weston, Chris Cockerill and many more...... 

His Special 14 Hour show will provide a journey like no other with Artists from across the world to stamp down there sounds on one of the hottest online radio event of the Early Summer. The Line Up All Set Times to be announced on 30th of May on Facebook. 

Fady & Mina


Producers / DJ’s Mina Alaa and Fady Hany A.K.A (Fady & Mina) born in cairo (Egypt). From the early years their talent for music was clear. Fady got his first keyboard at the age of 6 and Mina’s first mix was at the age of 12, they started to develop their skills as the years pass by, afterwards, they started to listen to Trance Music; they were both fascinated by the melodies, beats and the vibe that this music creates among people, and the spirit of passion that’s always present between its lovers.

They were taken by the tunes of great producers like Paul van Dyk, Marco V, Armin Van Buuren and the Egyptian heroes (Aly & Fila), and a lot of other DJ’s/Producers, that’s to name a few.

Trance was not just music for them, it was a lifestyle they trained themselves on. After playing some dark tribal, the music concept and culture has been massively shifted into the world of melodies and uplifting beats.. Following the steps of Aly & Fila, bringing the energy back again to trance music, and reviving the classical feel of old trance, with the passion to create and innovate in the electronic dance music scene world-wide. Afterwards, the decision came for music production, so they’ve started to invade the trance scene by listening to all types of Trance music, from Progressive to Highly-Power Energetic Uplifting Trance, and they’ve known the passion inside them towards this genre of music. The rising duo developed their production techniques through the audio engineering classes they ensured to attend, to massively enhance their mix quality.

Back in 2009, the Duo was first signed to the Canadian dance music label “Omerta Records”, with their track “Aviation”.

2011 was the year for the Rising Egyptian Duo when they made their debut EP “Egypt/Overdrive” with the world renowned Aly & Fila’s Label “Future Sound of Egypt”, and the leading Dance Music Label worldwide “Armada Music”, the EP was Highly supported by the scenes finest DJs, it was massively supported by Armin Van Buuren on his “ASOT” 4 times in a row, Aly & Fila’s “FSOE”, John O’callaghan, Sean Tyas, Philippe El Sisi, Manuel le Saux, and many more..

They won the 2nd position for the “Best New Comer” on the “Trance Podium” Global Trance Awards in 2011, Their Music has been smashing the biggest clubs, and the hottest dance floors all over the Globe; Their vision for trance music is wide enough to let them reach a high position among the world’s best DJ’s.

“Egyptian duo Fady & Mina follow the steps of Aly & Fila, as they make their debut on the Future Sound of Egypt label with the highly energetic 'Overdrive' and 'Egypt'.
To be compared to Aly & Fila is nothing but a huge compliment to Egyptian duo Fady & Mina. The young talents, born in Egypt's city of Cairo, are the next big thing to hit the higher BPM kind of trance.

They do so, by making an unforgettable debut with the contagious 'Overdrive' and 'Egypt'. If hard-hitting, energy-driven trance with a sensitive touch is your one true love, you don't want to miss out on 'Overdrive'. That fast speed of beats also drives the grand, melodic track of 'Egypt'.

An ode to their country and its rich, unrivalled history.”

Stay Tuned For the Upcoming Egyptian Trance Duo, Fady & Mina.

Bjorn Akesson


Swedish native, Bjorn Akesson has taken the Trance scene by storm ever since the success of early productions like Havannah and Perfect Blue which both received huge support from big players such as Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten as well as radio play on some of the most listened to stations in the world.

Shortly after, Bjorn was signed to the world renowned Armada Music and Future Sound of Egypt imprints and began to tour the globe with appearances at high profile clubs and festivals such as Privilege Ibiza, Space Sharm and GlobalGathering to name a few.

Work in the studio continued to produce high quality hits which were all picked up and supported heavily across the scene, Painting Pyramids in particular gained critical acclaim and raised Bjorn’s profile to the higher echelons of the Trance scene. Bjorn has also remixed a wide range of artists across the spectrum including Orjan Nilsen, Porter Robinson, W&W and more, once again showing the diversity of his music.

Now well respected amongst his peers, Bjorn has experimented with new styles of Trance and has been successful in pioneering his own blend of Electro Trance with tracks such as Gunsmoke and Breathe in particular receiving great support.

Bjorn’s stock continues to rise globally and now finds himself touring the world and playing alongside some of the most respected artists on the Trance scene including Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Aly & Fila as well as many more of his peers.

With more genre-bending productions in the pipeline and an ever growing tour schedule, the future looks bright as Bjorn paves the way for new artists within the scene.

Simon O'Shine


Simon O'Shine was born on September 11, 1992 in Poland, Europe.
He had his first contact with electronic music in 2002. As he got fascinated with the process of creating music, he decided to prove to himself that he could achieve success in that profession. His first amateur recordings were judged only by his friends. He wasn't set in one style of music but in every of his tracks you could hear more and more of brave sounds. Looking for a music style in which he could concentrate on, through dance music, he finally found what he was looking for. Uplifting Trance turned out to be perfect for him. The time he devoted for music and specifically production and composition payed back as his productions were more ambitious and appreciated. His first track called "Ceaseless" was released under the name of "Deep Emotions" and was promoted by Capite Music - polish label - that started their campaign by promoting that track.
Brand new tracks are coming, so..stay tuned!.

Matt Bukovski


Matt Bukovski – Poland’s 21 year old classically trained musician, DJ and producer – is sending shock waves across planet trance with his melodic masterpieces and blistering DJ sets.

Already having played for Luminosity, FSOE and all over Europe, Matt has just made his Asian debut on the huge Pyrobeat Festival in Kuala Lumpur and his USA debut is already in the pipeline. A leading light in the new generation who has a huge global following watching his rise.

Having released on Armada, Monster Tunes, Enhanced, Blue Soho and having tracks on Armin’s Universal Religion 6 (“Retrospection”) and A State of Trance 2013 (“Eterna”) compilations, Matt Bukovski is on everyone’s ‘to do’ lists, as he brings the epic moments and euphoric drive every time he enters the booth.

Matt began his fascinating journey at the age of just 7, when he started attending primary music school. He immediately fell in love with the sound of the piano and has been continuing his classical training through to today, and whether it be playing grand piano and pipe organ, or composing classical music, he’s deep in his element and surrounded by pure passion.

His most recognizable style is energetic uplifting trance, spiced with rolling acid basslines. However, he doesn’t just stick to one subgenre of trance, producing prog-lifting, progressive or electro-trance tracks as well. He always tried to make it sound like “Bukovski”; putting his signature sounds, characteristic melodies and deep emotions into each of his originals and remixes.

Matt Bukovski is one of the rising stars of Polish trance scene. His releases and remixes have already been supported by such DJs as Armin van Buuren, Aly&Fila, Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, Dash Berlin, Sean Tyas, Alex M.O.R.P.H, Solarstone, Roger Shah, Sied van Riel, Daniel Kandi, Bobina and many, many more! Expect more smashing releases from this guy in the near future!

Mohamed Ragab


FSOE Recordings Artist & Space Sharm Resident DJ (Ranked no. 68 Club in DJ Mag 2012). Hailed as the "Breakthrough DJs / Producers of 2011" by Aly & Fila

Mohamed Ragab is one of Egypt's most recognized DJs / Producers of today. Music has been his passion ever since he can remember. At the age of 7 his elementary school teacher told him that he would make a change in the music industry one day. At the age of 17 he discovered EDM and instantly grew a passion for it. Mohamed: “I listen to EDM all day, 24/7, even while I’m asleep.”

By the age of 19, Mohamed was already playing at Nile FM, one of Cairo's biggest FM stations, and taking over Cairo's hottest events with his impeccable DJ skills.

However, this wasn't his breakthrough just yet. Since it became a trend at the time to be a DJ and there were too many around Mohamed decided to take a step back and start off again in a different and more unique path. He used the money that he saved up while he was studying, to build himself a little home-studio and started producing his own music.

Mohamed's track ‘Time Will Tell’ was signed to Intuition Recordings and got huge support by high profile DJs such as Armin Van Buuren, Aly & Fila and Menno de Jong. The track gained massive recognition and appeared on some of the most popular EDM radio shows such as Future Sound of Egypt by Aly & Fila, Trance Around the World by Above & Beyond, and Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance.

In 2009 Future Sound of Egypt Recordings - created by the famous duo Aly & Fila ranked #19 in DJ Mag - signed Mohamed Ragab to their label alongside other various well-known artists. In their DJ Mag Top 100 voting interview in 2011 Aly & Fila mentioned him as best break through DJ / Producer of the year, they picked him to warm up in all FSOE events included their yearly celebration of FSOE 200, 250 & the up coming world tour for FSOE 300 in Amsterdam & Prague.

2012 Mohamed Ragab was ranked #133 in the famous TranceAddict DJ Poll also he joined forces at club Space Sharm El Sheikh as a resident DJ, the first franchise of the world’s #1 club Space Ibiza which was also voted to #41 in its second year at DJ Mag.

What makes Mohamed Ragab stand out is that he did not wait for success and carved his own path with his bare hands. Mohamed spins with love, passion, and dedication and takes pride in doing what he loves most in life.

Hazem Beltagui


Born on the 6th of August 1988 in Alexandria, Egypt, Hazem has always been fascinated by music ever since he was a child, but its wasnt untill late 2008 that he got introduced to Electronic Dance Music in general, and Trance in particular, with the works of the likes of Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Andy Moor, Signalrunners and Solarstone just to name a few.By the Beginning of 2009, he had already made his mind and decided he would learn music production and hopefully he could make a carreer in this industry that he has always been extremely infatuated with. His first releases were mainly progressive house but still very melodic, and by the beginning of 2012, he was already being supported by some of the biggest djs in the world and has made a name for himself in the prog house scene.On January 28th, 2013, Hazem released his massive tune “We Are” on his brand new label Red Soho following unprecedented support across the board from Armin Van Buuren including it in the official A State of Trance 2013. And that was the turning point for Hazem, where he realized that this should be the sound he releases after a long hard work of beautiful progressive tunes, so he decided to make the jump to his first love, which is Trance music and he came up with the name “Melotrance” to describe his unique sound, which is characterized by the emphasis on the melodies and more importantly, the emotional impact on the listeners.The 25-year old Egyptian Sensation continues relentlessly moving forward setting the bar for what constitutes a rookie year in every possible area of his career.

Rich Triphonic Official

Rich Triphonic is a new face around the main Trance scene, For the last few years he has been playing in clubs around the UK and gathering a huge amount of guest mixes on other radio shows across the world.

With his first solo Track Free Falling Hitting gold by scoring a massive reaction from artist like Aly & Fila & Sean Tyas Sneijder Ahmed Romel Ian Standerwick and many more.. Also a lot of Collaborations in the pipeline due out before the summer it proves to be a very busy 2014, With gigs already lined up around the world this year and a third visit to play in Ibiza this summer as well.

Triphonic Sessions his radio show what goes out weekly on 1mix Radio on Friday Nights from 21:00 GMT / 22:00 CET / 16:00 EDT/EST.
Triphonic Sessions aims to introduce Uplifting Euphoric Melodies from the newest names within the Trance World. This is His vision of the present and Future Sound of Trance
Including regular guest appearances from across the World.

Check out all the latest news, track-list and more at

Bryan Summerville


Born in the Summer in 1983, and grow up in Eastern Germany he got early a Passion for Music.In the beginning he liked a lot of the Classics back from the 80..s _ then his flavour changed.At the beginning of his DJing he was into Housemusic with all the different Styles.

But some years later this sound became boring and he got back to his old Love ..Trance...And this is where he..s still at. Some Years before he also started Producing.First more Techy and Relaxing Traxx but now he..s into producing Trancystuff! And he´s still producing Trance.It became a true Passion.And in this Fact he got the Idea to start an own Label.In 2010 he´s Baby saw the Light with his 1st Release including a dark and catchy Remix by himself.Now more then 1 Year later D.MAX already reached Release Number 30 and started a Sublabel called D.MAX Deep for the progressive Trance Tracks. Any very nice Releases are already sheduled for both Imprints - so take a look on the Label. Bryan is also very productive these Days.

Producing under his two Aliases Ocean Boulevard and of course, Bryan Summerville.Been productive for Remixes for Labels such as D.MAX,Tetsuo,Nu Communicate and Defcon u can exspect a lot of Output this and in the next Year.

Stay focused.

Dreamy Dawn (Official)


Danish Trance producer Dreamy started listening to Electronic music in a age of 3 and since then has developed an extensive background in music.

In 2009, he got so much inspiration from the danish DJ and producer, Mark Andrèz, and falled in love with the genre "Uplifting Trance" and that was this style that stuck with him. Since then the supports and releases has been mindblowing, working with some of the biggest names like York, Taucher, and many more, yet more massive things to come in the future......

Steve Morley


Steve Morley is the Dutch trance producer and DJ who has been bringing the energy for 2 decades under various aliases and genres of dance music. The Rotterdam native started his musical journey as a young child when his father, a talented singer and musician instilled a strict discipline and work ethic in him. After spending most of his teenage years perfecting his skills as a classical pianist and composer, he slowly digressed into experimenting with electronic music which resulted in his first record release in the early 90s. From that moment onward Steve has enjoyed considerable success from Dutch hardcore and early rave to hard house and trance to psy and more commercial pursuits under Dave Holmes, Starchild, DJ Alici, System E, Cathar, Cosmic Warrior and last but not least...his most well known and globally supported music under Steve Morley. Besides his love for writing and producing, Steve is also a dedicated DJ and has enjoyed playing some of the most influential clubs in the world along the way since moving to London in 2001, pulverising club and festival crowds with his hypnotic and highly uplifting journey sets. After a 10 year adventure in the underground psychedelic scene (when his idea of ‘true trance’ died off a few years after the millennium), he returned to the trance scene in summer 2013, 14 years since his huge hit which is known as one of the classics from 1999, Steve Morley – Reincarnations, rocked the world through top UK DJs like Paul Oakenfold, Eddie Halliwell, Scott Bond and Guy Ornadel, appearing on compilations from brands such as Gatecrasher (Wet, Resident Transmission, Forever) and Ministry Of Sound (Trance Nation Anthems) . You could say Steve has been reincarnated into the modern era of trance as the bpm and more classic vibe has looped back around, this is the sound he loves. This skilled trance master brings a must hear, back to the future production style and sound to the genre and is set to make shockwaves once again on a global scale.


Its been just over a year now since Xstacy started into the DJ scene, she is making a huge impression on the Trance scene. Her talents are out of this world and guaranteed to free your emotions with the beats, melodies and vocals she masters with each and every set aired. Xstacy has a spot on 2 radio stations as a resident DJ so be sure to tune in...

John van ThornBiography
Ivan Marušić, better known by his stage name John van Thorn ( born October 03, 1987 ) in Split from small place Omiš in Croatia is a DJ who is get involved with music in his early age with only 13.
His first touch with music was with hip-hop music, when he was only 13 year old. He started to write lyrics and make music with his friends. At the end of primary school he puts his hands on music only, he wanted to tell a story without any words and then he begins his DJ career.
In 1st grade of high school he began to go to parties. Techno music was the most popular music at this time in Croatia and then he started to play techno, his first Dj set was techno set. After only a few months he wanted to change his music genre because there was something missing.
One day on his way to school he heard on radio single of Paul van Dyk –„Avenue“ ...“That's it“ he said. That's music he want to play and make, he discovered TRANCE!!!
Shortly after that he had his first gig at the club in his home town as youngest DJ ever. With his first gig there he won the sympathy of crowd. He came as 15 year old kid on techno scene with something new, with combination of commercial dance music and trance. His first gig was amazing, he was supposed to play only 2 hours but he continued until morning, reaction of crowd was incredibly. He became a resident DJ in that club.
After that everything was going exactly as it should, every weekend he had a gig and developing his DJ skills with more and more crowd behind.
October 16, 2010 he begins with his radio show called „Trance zone“ on local radio station in Omiš, in cooperation with many DJs around the world.
In 2010 he went to Electronic Music Institute ( school for music production ) in Zagreb and finishing it in 2011. After that his first steps were mashups supported by many artists. At the moment he is working on his own production!

Billy Loianno aka Dj Guille


I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, but grew up in the US. I live in New York and like to play Uplifting, Euphoric, Emotional, Vocal, Tech, Dark, and Psy Trance. Like to play @ 138 + bpm and live mashups on the shows.
I Like, Support ,Share, Promote, and Play Trance. I have 3 radio shows, Billyeeevin Trance on, the first and third Thursday of every month; Tranceen Machine on Trance.Fm, the first Saturdays of every month, and We Are Tranceeen on the second Sundays of the month.


JB Hyde better known as Subzero, took up DJing back in March 2013 after a push in the right direction by his good friend Andy Tidley knowing how passionate JB was for Trance & the Trance scene itself.

After some inspiration from DJs Gordon J & Mark Charles after listening to their show Digital Release he put together a 4 hour mega mix taking you through the genres of trance.Within only 8 months, JB was offered to play his first gig at Ministry Of Sound for the mighty Ctrl run by James Tysoe, this was a massive dream come true for JB as he had set himself a goal to play in a big club a year later. This would not have happened if it was for another good friend & an amazing Photographer/Graphic Designer Queenie Waterman

Since then he has gone on to playElevation Audio’s warm up party at Club414 in BrixtonMinistry Of Sound 31st January for CTRL playing back to back with his big bro & fellow superstar DJ Simon Rasho

After that epic gig he was given the chance to be Ctrl’s resident DJ which came as quite as shock as this would be a massive break through in what he had his goal on and exceeded all expectations. Then another mighty shock came as he was given the chance to play the massive Trance Sanctuary at The Egg in London on 15th March 2014.

As well as all that he also host’s a unique radio show every second Saturday of the month called Subzero Sessions for Trance-Energy Radio & also given the chance to host his own unique 24hr event for his birthday with a host of friends and the world’s best DJ’s on 12th April 2014.

JB had a dream and he made that dream a reality, he cannot believe how far he has come in such a short space of time and thanks to massive support from friends & listeners to his show as you all have given him a push to strive even further on his missions to share his passion & giving other people the inspiration to push themselves to what their dream might be.

It just goes to show that anything is possible if you have the dream, are passionate & dedicated to what you really want, 2014 has only just started and there’s a chill in the air giving the feeling that things for Subzero are only a touch of the iceberg.

Massive thank you to everyone who has supported JB/Subzero from day one.

⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚ TIMEZONES ⌚⌚⌚⌚⌚

15:00 BST ( UK )
16:00 CET
11:00 EST
03:00 WST

Direct Stream Link

Check out all the latest news, tracklist and more at

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